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Our years of experience in the business have given us the composure and capability to think on the go. When it comes to a commercial facility, there’s no shortage of items that require attention each and every day. We’re able to handle stressful sit



We provide our clients with comprehensive solutions for facilities management, helping you make calculated decisions about costs, expenses, budgets, trends and more. We get to know your facilities and business operations on an intimate level, since w



We’re expert planners with exceptional foresight, helping you maintain control of capital projects. From asset management to projects like sustainability investments or large real estate developments, we’re experts in capital project planning in Tul

Intergrated Facilities Management

Image for Building Maintenance & Landscaping service

Building Maintenance & Landscaping

Image for Communications Infrastructure Management service

Communications Infrastructure Management

Image for Critical Environmental Services service

Critical Environmental Services

Image for Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Services service

Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Services

Image for Energy Management service

Energy Management

Image for Predictive/Preventive Maintenance service

Predictive/Preventive Maintenance

Image for Risk Management service

Risk Management

Image for Security Management service

Security Management

Image for Space Planning service

Space Planning

Image for Waste Management service

Waste Management

Image for Workplace Strategy service

Workplace Strategy